Working with data, creating awareness, changing lives

What we do

STEM Initiatives

We encourage, support and sustain the interests and choices of young people in Nigeria in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Academic Research

We carry out in-depth academic research in the education sector, to enable access and availability of quality data to enhance informed decisions and policies.

UX Research

We enable businesses make informed product decisions through in-depth user experience research

Teacher CPD

We engage teachers in continuous professional development efforts with the intent to improve capacity in STEM and enable optimal delivery of their practice.

Our Projects

Partnership with Ekiti state government (DigiSTEM)

Sabee UX Research in Partnership with Meta

STEM in Schools

Educating the Educators

Our Partners

Get data-driven insight for your business and organization by partnering with us for your research needs


Interested in partnering with us to drive engagement with students and teachers in schools


Interested in partnering with us to carry out academic research or user experience research in Nigeria or Kenya