We have something for everyone – from young people in school (and out of school),
families, teachers and schools, to industries and governments. We have services
designed to help you get involved in STEM.


Our careers-inspired maker and STEM clubs run exploration sessions designed and delivered to showcase the real-world applications of STEM subjects, through hands-on activities.

Young people get the opportunity to try out and explore the skills, techniques, equipment and ideas that scientists use on a day-to-day basis. Inclusivity is embedded at the heart of our clubs, with all our materials and delivery crafted to ensure that STEM subjects are accessible to everyone. We provide resources and expertise to run these exciting and engaging clubs


We train and provide STEM ambassadors. Our STEM ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about STEM and its application. They include university science, mathematics

and engineering students, apprentices, farmers, architects, physicists, lecturers, doctors, professors, geologists, biologists, chemists, surveyors, urban planners and a lot more. Our STEM ambassadors have also been trained in science presentations, unconscious bias, health and safety and research ethics. Are you interested in becoming an ambassador?


We know how vital teachers are to the learning process. Often, teachers may not feel prepared or confident enough to teach some STEM concepts and may be looking for professional development

on various aspects of the STEM curriculum. This is why we curate high quality courses for the continual training and development of teachers. We work with government ministries of education, science and technology as well as gender and youth empowerment to create context-specific training programmes for their teachers. You need this? Send an email to


We organise one or two-day events that provide an opportunity for young people to
tinker and make things. From websites, to apps and robots to weather

stations, these engagements are quite intensive and competitive. Do not worry though, alongside the material resources you need to create whatever you want, there are also STEM ambassadors and mentors available to guide and help out on our hackdays.


Do you want us to talk to your pupils or students about STEM education, careers, or you would want us to work with your teachers to demonstrate a scientific concept in the classroom?

We can bring STEM to your school! Our visit can be tailored to any of the aforementioned activities, or be generic in form of an assembly talk and demonstration based on STEM. Kindly contact us and we will fix a date with you!!


Are you interested in fixing the ‘leaky pipeline’ and addressing the skills shortages in the STEM and Digital industry? We want to partner with you to inspire the next generation of thinkers, makers and innovators.

You can sponsor the training of teachers, or a STEM/Maker club in one or more schools. If you want, we could create something unique around your Corporate Social Responsibility goals and strategy. Contact us to discuss. We want to hear from you.


We partner with international researchers or research organizations to gather and analyse local research data. If as a researcher, you need to work with local data collected from Nigeria, contact us,

as we help gather, preprocess and analyse local data collected from the field as needed.